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Welcome to the CASIO MIS Knowledgebase! These are the technical support pages for software developers and authorized distributors and partners of CASIO’s Mobile Industrial Solutions division. You can find contents such as patch files, developer's manuals and bulletins that will be added and renewed frequently. Please visit this page as often as possible to check for new updates.
Only with your input this FAQ area will grow and improve! Please contact us if you have a new question, are dissatisfied with an answer or if you can’t proceed despite of it all. We will help you to the best of our knowledge.

In the year 2010 CASIO Europe released "ELISA", the Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application. ELISA enhances the functionality of the builtin scanning wedge application which ships preinstalled with all CASIO handheld devices. ELISA provides a rich feature list, like Bulk Scanning, Aimer Mode, Barcode Filter, Counter Window, Prefix/Suffix, side-by-side operation with the integrated camera on regarding devices etc.

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For further information and download links to latest version 2.26, please query the "Laser Scanner" or "Imager" section of the regarding device:
DT-X7 Laser Scanner
DT-X7 CMOS Imager
DT-X8 Laser Scanner
DT-X8 CMOS Imager
DT-X11 Laser Scanner
DT-X11 CMOS Imager
DT-X30 Laser Scanner
DT-X30 CMOS Imager
DT-X100 Laser Scanner
DT-X100 CMOS Imager
DT-X200 Laser Scanner
DT-X200 CMOS Imager
IT-800 Laser Scanner
IT-800 CMOS Imager
IT-G500 Laser Scanner
IT-G500 CMOS Imager

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