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Q: Which Tools, Downloads and Patches are available for the CASIO IT-500?

Please choose a file from the list below

  asynptch.zip 01.03.2004 Active Sync patch file 1.00
  Setup.zip 13.10.2003 Erstinstallations-Hinweise 1.00
  it500sdk.zip 31.03.2003 IT-500 export SDK for eVC++ 4.1 1.00
  patch007a.zip 13.09.2005 IT-500 patchfile 0.07a
  SP2.zip 05.09.2003 IT-500 Service Pack2 2.02
  laser003.zip 19.07.2004 laser scanner patchfile 0.03
  NetUIpatch.zip 02.06.2005 patch to improve WLAN operation 1.03
  RFtoyota.zip 23.08.2005 RF Toyota driver 1.00
  ceterm.zip 07.04.2005 Terminalemulation CETerm VT100/200, 3270, 5250, HTML 5.00
  usergui.zip 27.03.2003 User Guide 1.00

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center is not compliant to Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 4.1 that is running on IT-500. Please use Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 for Windows 2000 or Windows XP instead.


The driver software for the cradle is available for 32-bit platforms only, but not for 64-bit.

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