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The characteristics specified in the following table represent only a general orientation. You receive a detailed description of the technical data from the hardware the manual. 

 Feature  Description
 OS  Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional or Classic (English)
 CPU  Marvell ® PXA 320 (624 MHz)
 Display (Touchscreen)  9,4cm VGA-TFT (3,7" / 480 x 640 Pixel)
 ROM  256 MB (150 MB User Area)
 RAM  128 MB
 WLAN  802.11 b/g (WPA2 / AES) Wi-Fi Certified
 Bluetooth ®  2.0 + EDR, Class 2 (Microsoft Bluetooth Stack)
 NFC  NFC IP-1 (ISO 18092), 13.56 MHz: ISO 14443 Type A (MIFARE ®) / ISO 14443 Type B / FeliCa ®
 IrDA  1.3
 USB  1.1 (Host / Client)
 Laser Scanner (only "15" models)  Barcode Reader (Standard and Stacked)
 Imager (only "35" models)  CMOS-Imager (752 x 480 Pixel)
 Camera (only "C" models)  2.0 Mega-Pixel / Auto-Focus / LED Flashlight
 GPS (only "G" models)  Qualcomm gpsOne ® NMEA-0183 (12 Channels)
 HSDPA (only "G" models)  Sierra Wireless MC8795V Quadband (Class 12)
 Expansion Slot  SDHC 2.0 (Micro-SD Memory Cards) / SDIO only "05" models
 Battery  Li-Ion / 3,7V / 1850 or 3700 mAh
 Weight  ~ 265g - 335g (depending on model)
 Dimensions (B x H x T)  78 x 159 x 25/32mm
 Drop Durability  1,5m
 Operation Temperature  -20 °C to +50 °C
 Dust / Splash-proof  IP54
 Options  Trigger Grip



Serial Number


The unique serial number is printed on the back of the device. The serial number also refers to production date and model number, what is described in more detail in our Hardware Manual. Developers can read the serial number also from within their own application by using the CASIO SDK.

IT800-RGC & Extended Interface




The new IT-800 PDA is equipped with a 9.4 cm (3.7 inch) VGA screen which is about ten times more shock resistant than standard displays.

The shock resistance of the screen has been improved by inserting a transparent shock absorption material between the LCD and the touch panel. By utilizing Casio’s own Blanview® LCD screen, which offers an approximately 30% better LCD light transmission factor with about half the backlight power consumption, the IT-800 delivers a power-saving performance with superior visibility both indoors and outdoors.

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