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Data Transfer


Nobody is an island, and even mobile devices do not live on their own. Only the exchange of data with a back office system realizes the use of such a system in the company. Please, refer also to Technical Bulletin TB-2008001 for a compatibility list of communication and driver software. You can download current version of the mentioned "USB Client Patch" at "Downloads / Tools / Patches".

  TB2008001.pdf 28.01.2008 New Software Release (Windows Vista/7 Patch File) DT-900 Series, DT-930 Series, DT-X5 Series, DT-X10 Series, DT-X7 Series, DT-X11 Series, IT-10 Series, IT-500 Series, IT-600 Series, IT-3000 Series

Microsoft ActiveSync ® / Windows Mobile Device Center


Microsoft ActiveSync represents the synchronization software between mobile devices and the desktop system. Under Windows Vista or later, ActiveSync is called Mobile Device Center. The software download from Microsoft is free of charge. The driver for ActiveSync can be downloaded below. The Mobile Device Center comes with its own driver or the driver can be downloaded automatically via Windows Update.
You will need ActiveSync in particular for the installation of programs and for the connection to the developing environment Microsoft Visual Studio ®.
Apart from the automatic synchronization of the folder \MY DOCUMENTS, the software also offers the possibility of accessing the file system of the mobile equipment from PC via the Windows Explorer and of accomplishing file operations such as a copying or deletion.

Please note that you need latest service pack and patch files on your device for synchronization with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

  CASIO USB Cradle Driver.zip 28.10.2009 CASIO USB Cradle Driver (32bit) for Microsoft ActiveSync 1.00



Like Microsoft ActiveSync CASIO LMWin can be used to transfer data to and from the PC. Contrary to ActiveSync LMWin can be controlled via scripts and to further extent be integrated into own programs. CASIO LMWin is available free of charge.
In the installation directory of LMWin on the PC you can also find the driver software for the cradle that is needed for ActiveSync as well (WCEUSBSH.INF and WCEUSBSH.SYS at C:\PROGRAMME\CASIO\LMWIN\WCEUSBSH).

  LMWIN_EN_ReleaseNote_723_2.pdf 24.05.2017 LMWin 7.23 Release Note 7.23
  lmwin.zip 25.04.2018 LMWin Software & Cradle Driver (32/64bit Version) 7.26
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