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USB Connection


The connection to ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center will be started once you put the terminal into the cradle. Please pay attention to the correct setting of the operating mode switch at the back of the cradle. Under START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL you will find the utility USB Connection. Choose the required connection before you put the terminal into the cradle.

Please, note: The setting for "Windows Mobile Device Center" works with ActiveSync as well, but not with LMWin. If you do not work with LMWin, but with ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center in parallel, it might be a good idea to select "Windows Mobile Device Center" in general.

Data Name Data Type Value Description
idProduct DWORD 8195 ActiveSync/WMDC
idProduct DWORD 13059 ActiveSync/LMWin

  CASIO USB Cradle Driver.zip 28.10.2009 CASIO USB Cradle Driver (32bit) for Microsoft ActiveSync 1.00

Bluetooth ®


You can also establish a connection to the PC via Bluetooth. In the following the connection to ActiveSync via the Serial Port Profile (Bluetooth SPP) is outlined.

  • First configure the connection on the PC. Therefore permit the connection to your Bluetooth adapter in ActiveSync by selecting the designated port, e.g. COM4.
  • On the device, open the program "Bluetooth Device Properties" under START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL.
  • Go to the tab "Power", and switch Bluetooth on.
  • Go to the tab "Scan Device", and press [Scan Device] to make a survey for other Bluetooth devices in the surrounding area.  
  • After completion of the survey choose the required PC with the sync icon by double tapping on the relevant entry in the list of found devices.
  • Whereupon some options are listed. Create a bonding if required and set the device to "Active".
  • Go to "PC Connection" under START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL.
  • Press [Change Connection...], and select Bluetooth. Confirm your setting with [OK].
  • If you now go to START, PROGRAMS, COMMUNICATION, and select "ActiveSync", the mobile device will establish the sync to PC.



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