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The battery of the mobile terminal can be charged in the cradle. Additionally a cradle can be equipped with connectors for the data synchronisation with a desktop PC. To use the cradle at the PC via the USB connection you need a driver and communication software.

Model Charging Function USB-Client USB-Host Ethernet
HA-F30CHG Yes No No No
HA-F60IO Yes Yes Yes No
HA-F62IO Yes Yes Yes Yes




For the current supply use the connector left in the picture, for the connection to the PC via USB port (" USB B") use the connector on the right. Please make sure that the operating mode switch is set to the correct position. USB-devices like memory cards or a mouse will be controlled via the connector "USB A". The Ethernet adapter supports 10base-T / 100base-TX.

If the terminal is not used, it should be put in the cradle, so that the battery can be charged. Please do not switch off the cradle over night. Please do also put the terminal into the cradle in case of longer periods of disuse like holiday times, so that the settings for the clock do not get lost.





Please find below some hints how to check common issues:

  • Put the terminal into the cradle.
  • Switch on the cradle.
  • Check the cables.
  • Check the operating mode switches at the cradle. Take out the cradle and put it back to restart the identification of the mode.
  • "Power" light up: Power supply connected and cradle switched on.
  • Check the software on your PC. Certain drivers and communication software is required for the data transfer.
  • End all other data transfers on the mobile device, for example via Bluetooth, IrDA or GPRS.
  • Check the settings under START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, entry PC Connection. In the active control box "USB Connection" has to be chosen.

Driver Software


For connection to PC (LMWin or ActiveSync) you need driver software. It comes with the CASIO LMWin communication software. In particular you need the files WCEUSBSH.INF and WCEUSBSH.SYS from the subdirectory WCEUSBSH in path of your LMWin installation. On the other hand, the Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista or later is shipped with its own driver. You do not need to install the driver separately.

For your convenience you can find the driver, including an installation manual, as a separate download below.

  CASIO USB Cradle Driver.zip 28.10.2009 CASIO USB Cradle Driver (32bit) for Microsoft ActiveSync 1.00

For communications with Windows Vista (Windows 7) please refer to Technical Bulletin TB2008001. You can download current version of the mentioned "USB Client Patch" at "Downloads / Tools / Patches".

  TB2008001.pdf 28.01.2008 New Software Release (Windows Vista/7 Patch File) DT-900 Series, DT-930 Series, DT-X5 Series, DT-X10 Series, DT-X7 Series, DT-X11 Series, IT-10 Series, IT-500 Series, IT-600 Series, IT-3000 Series
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