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Which Tools, Downloads and Patches are available for the CASIO DT-930?


SDK, manuals, and sample applications can be downloaded after login. Your dealer will be glad to give you direct assistance.


Please choose a file from the list below

  DT930patch310.zip 24.01.2011 DT-930 Patch 3.10
  DT930QuickStart.pdf 21.06.2006 DT-930 Quickstart Guide (Developer) 1.00
  master.zip 07.01.1999 file master utility 1.00
  HAE90BP_UG100.zip 31.01.2007 HA-E90BP Bumper User´s Guide 1.00
  LMWIN_EN_ReleaseNote_726.pdf 25.04.2018 LMWin 7.26 Release Note 1.00
  lmwin.zip 25.04.2018 LMWin Software & Cradle Driver (32/64bit Version) 7.26
  osld300.zip 08.04.2003 OS load tool (16Bit Version) 3.00
  osldv400.zip 12.06.2006 OS load tool (Win32 version) 4.00
  DT930_UG100.zip 15.06.2006 User´s Guide 1.00
  DT-930_G.pdf 20.12.2012 Userīs Guide (Multilingual) 1.00

For further details regarding the different cradles refer to the "Cradle" section, please.


The following files should/can be installed on the CASIO DT-930:

Description Filename Mandatory (+)
Optional (*)
Remark No.
DT-930 Patch DT930patch310.zip +  


Serial Number
You can find the serial number on the back side of the device. The serial number contains model type and date of production.
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