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Touch handheld for industrial use

As powerful as a top smartphone and as robust as the proven Japanese handhelds: The CASIO IT-G400 mobile computer, a full-touch handheld with the latest Android operating system, opens up new fields of application in industry, retail, logistics and services. The device contains components that have already been proven to be top-class in handhelds used industrially. For example, a professional imager is integrated into the housing, which is easy to grip and made of durable plastic. The five-inch multi-touch display is almost unbreakable and extremely scratch-resistant. The IP67 rating indicates that the device is well protected against the ingress of dust and water, making it particularly well-suited for outdoor use in wind and weather. It is fully functional at temperatures between -20°C and +50°C. Come rain or sunshine the CASIO IT-G400 has the ideal features to prove its worth all day long. Power for a long working day is supplied by reliable, Japanese-made batteries. 

The integrated CMOS imager is of the latest design, and extremely fast and powerful. A clearly-visible targeted laser aimer enables barcode labels to be captured. The imager can read multiple codes – even damaged ones – simultaneously at lightning speed. Good or bad reads are confirmed optically, acoustically and with vibration. This is useful in a noisy environment. Effective filter against high-frequency flickering under modern LED lighting allows for constant reading quality. Two side-mounted trigger buttons for the reading procedure reduce finger movements to a minimum for both right-handed and left-handed users. 
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