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Q: Which Tools, Downloads and Patches are available for the CASIO IT-70/700?

Please choose a file from the list below

  autoreco.zip .. automatic recovery tool
  cfbackup.zip .. Card Backup utility
  ata.zip .. CF Slot ATA driver speedup
  cfcard.zip .. cfcard driver for JK-710 camera
  fl12j04.zip .. CFLaser Firmware update
  country.zip .. Country Code setup utility
  dsssrf.zip .. Development Tools DSSS RF Library/Tools / DirectSequence)
  fhssrf.zip .. Development Tools FHSS RF Library/Tools ( FrequenzHopping )
  irlan.zip .. Development Tools IrLanCradle Library
  cflaser.zip .. Development Tools Laser Library/Sample
  syslib.zip .. Development Tools System Library
  manual.zip .. Dokumentation Hardware/Software/C-Library
  IT700Inst.zip .. Erstinstallations - Hinweise
  vbsup100.zip .. eVB support library
  fchkce.zip .. File check utility
  flceLAN.zip .. FLink CE communication utility ( Lan IO-Box )
  health.zip .. Healthcare sample application incl. source
  cfcamera.zip .. JK-710 cf camera sample source for IT-70
  owner.zip .. Owner Display Function Tool
  patch700.zip .. Patchfiles (only for color model IT-700)
  patch70.zip .. Patchfiles (only monochrome model IT-70)
  ppcgui.zip .. PocketPC User Guide
  demosmp.zip .. sample application incl. source
  power.zip .. Terminal Emulation (VT100/220/5250/3270)
  uid.zip .. Unique ID library
  usergui.zip .. User Guide IT-70/700
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