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Cradle Connection


Go to the utility "PC Connection" at START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL. Select "` IrDA". Make the same setting in ActiveSync on your PC.

Please, note: ActiveSync will not start automatically. You will have to launch it at START, PROGRAMS, COMMUNICATION, ACTIVESYNC.



Serial Cable Connection


The serial port (8-pin) of the device can also be used for data transfers via ActiveSync. Below you can find a description of the cable required for that purpose.

  IT3x00SerialCablePINs.pdf 06.05.2009 IT-3x00 Serial Cable 8-Pin Layout 1.00

Bluetooth ®


You can also establish a connection to the PC via Bluetooth. The following procedures are applicable, if they are also supported by a compatible adapter on the PC:

  • ActiveSync via Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
  • Ftp via Bluetooth Obex Profile
  • LAN via Bluetooth PAN Profile

You can find a detailed description for the use of Bluetooth in the Software Manual. In the following the connection to ActiveSync via the serial port profile is only outlined to demonstrate the introductive character of this manual:

  • First configure the connection on the PC. Therefore permit the connection to your Bluetooth adapter in ActiveSync.
  • Open the program "Bluetooth Connection" under START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL.
  • With default settings a survey for other Bluetooth devices in the surrounding area will take place now.
  • After completion of the survey choose the required PC by double tapping on the relevant entry in the list of found devices.
  • Whereupon the services supported by the remote end are listed. Hold your stylus on the icon for the serial connection for a moment.
  • Choose the entry USE TO CONNECT FOR ACTIVESYNC from the context menu. Thus the connection will be assigned to ActiveSync.
  • If you double tap on that entry now or in the future, the connection to ActiveSync will be made via Bluetooth.

The connection to ActiveSync will be started as soon as you double tap on to the entry for the serial communication. It is required that the communication connection in the context menu is set to ActiveSync.
Please pay attention to possibly necessary safety adjustments. You will find further information about the configuration of the mobile device in the Software Manual.

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