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The documentation is usually offered in English as PDF-document. In the following table the substantial manuals are listed. Besides there are further manuals to special topics.


Title Contents
User’s Guide
General operating instructions for the terminal and accessories (comes with each terminal). 
Quickstart Guide (Developer)
First assistance for programmers, who would like to create their own applications.
Software Manual

Detailed description of operating system and pre-installed programs as well as of the fundamental configuration of the terminal, e.g. keyboard, scanner or WLAN. 

Hardware Manual
Technical data of terminal and accessories, e.g. interface descriptions, battery running times, MTBF etc.

Device Library Manual

Explanation of the programming functions, which are offered by CASIO. 

Barcorde Generator Operation Guide

Explanation of the Barcode generator for Soti Mobicontrol Stage. 

Casio Android Addons Manual

Explanation of the Casio Addon Tools application. 

Kitting Tools Manual

Explanation of the Casio Device Kitting application. 

MobiControl Stage Manual

Explanation of the Soti Mobicontrol Stage application.

  ITG400QuickStartGuide.pdf 29.11.2018 IT-G400 Quickstart Guide 1.04
  IT-G400_EN_Web_180828.pdf 28.08.2018 IT-G400 UserManual ENG
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